Dave Ficke has been an educator for 33 years, specializing in Environmental and Field Biology education.  He was appointed to the State Superintendent’s Task Force to Develop an Environmental Education Blueprint for all of California’s K-12 students.  His passion for the environment and wilderness has taken him on his professional photographic journey.  For twenty-seven years he has had the opportunity to share his passion for the environment with his high schools students who have made field trips to Yosemite National Park.  Other experiential trips included trips down the Colorado River, Catalina Island and Joshua Tree National Park.  

He is an accomplished photographer specializing in wildlife, landscape wildflowers and sports photography.  He currently is the sports photographer for the Mountain News, covering RIM high school sports.  He has won various photography contests in the categories of Macro (wildflowers), Landscape, Nature and Photojournalism.  

One of Dave’s loves is photographing big panoramic landscapes; he does not like to be confined to the 8×10 format.  So you will see many of his photographs in 10×20 or larger format.  This allows you to feel like you can walk into and be surrounded by the experience caught by his expansive photograph.  Dave is intensely committed to searching out places that are not just iconic, but portray an experience and a sense of place weather wildlife, landscape committed to telling a story.  

The most popular type or format of photograph that Dave produces is the large format metal print.  For the customer who collects these high-resolution, large, detailed images, they are a perpetual window into a meadow, garden, forest or desert to be collected and treasured for a lifetime.